Big Data Market Frothiness

Big Data Market Frothiness

Over the past several months, the popular press has helped generate considerable buzz about what Big Data (aka Hadoop) can do for businesses and consumers. (WSJ article “How Consumers Can Use Big Data: The venture community has fanned flames of late, jumping in feet first with follow-on investments in the companies that offer Hadoop software: a $900 Million round by Cloudera (including a major commitment from Intel Ventures,) a $100 million round by Hortonworks and a ‘mere’ $38 million round by Platfora.

Pivotal, another major distributor of Hadoop, owned by EMC/VMWare and General Electric, has sufficient ‘mass’ to throw its weight around as well.

Not to be left out of the fray, Amazon Web Services has announced a significant price reduction in its EMR (Elastic Map Reduce) cloud-based Hadoop service – the ‘on ramp’ for many companies trying to stick their toes in the Hadoop waters. This will likely have an impact on the other cloud-based Hadoop service providers as the economics of delivering their services change.

With fattened war chests, what strategic moves can we expect from the various players in the Hadoop Market Space? Several have announced their intent to acquire other companies that complement their current product offerings. The recent Intel investment in Cloudera coincided with Intel’s announcement that they would no longer sell their version of Hadoop, and would turn their sales teams loose with Cloudera.

Anyone remember the Linux frenzy?

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