Integrated Marketing Defined

Integrated Marketing Defined

Integrated Marketing Defined

In 1989, the American Association of Advertising Agencies defined integrated marketing as: “an approach to achieving the objectives of a marketing campaign through a well-coordinated use of different promotional methods that are intended to reinforce each other.”

Today, integrated marketing needs to go beyond merely integrating messages and communications. In our opinion integrated marketing:

Starts With the Customer Point of View

Integrated marketing is about message and content consistency across channels. What’s wrong with that definition? That’s a marketing organization’s point of view. Organizations that excel put the customer at the center of its strategy.

Provides a Seamless Customer Experience

Customers aren’t interested in who was responsible for campaign components such as the email, Web site, direct mail, or call center. When a customer clicks through an e-mail and lands on your home page, or receives an offer in the mail and calls customer service to inquire further, he/she expects a seamless experience.

Focuses on the Right Metrics

Overemphasis on individual campaign performance can be a barrier to success. Marketers should evaluate aspects that transcend an individual campaign and focus on metrics like engagement, value, and profitability.

Is a Two-Way Street

When considered from the customer’s perspective — integrated marketing is inherently two way and responsive to customer behaviors.

Unites Sales and Marketing

Integrated marketing requires a unified approach to marketing and sales. Marketing needs sales and sales needs marketing. Marketing can help identify the company’s most valuable customers, develop targeted campaigns, which can enable sales to closes deals.

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