It All Starts with Strategy

It All Starts with Strategy

As an integrated marketing firm that gets involved with pretty much all aspects of marketing, we often get referred into companies that already have some marketing activities under way.  In some cases, their activities have proven successful.  In others, they either haven’t been successful, or the company isn’t really sure.

Inevitably, in our first meeting with a new company, the senior executive will ask us, “So what do you think we should do from here?” And, our answer is the always the same, “It depends on your strategy.”

It is amazing the looks of surprise we sometimes get to our response.  Sometimes, it’s a shake of the head.  Sometimes, it’s more of a look of dull resignation.  That’s where we explain why the topic is vital to their marketing efforts and any work that we would do for them:

  1. Marketing success lies at the intersection of a comprehensive Go-to-Market Plan and competent Marketing Execution.
  2. Effective Marketing Execution is directly tied to the company’s Go-to-Market Plan
  3. The company’s Go-to-Market plan is directly tied to the Company Strategy

If the company can clearly articulate their Company Strategy, they may not know how that translates into their Go-to-Market Plan.  And, that’s OK.  That’s a good place for us to start working with them.  It’s the first thing we’d recommend they do “from here.”

If they don’t have a firm grasp of their Company Strategy, then that’s something they have to figure out first.  We have helped guide companies through the process of defining (or re-defining) their company strategy, but their company strategy is something they need to ultimately embrace for themselves.

You’d be surprised how many companies get it backwards.

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