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Companies today face enormous marketing challenges that could not only determine their success, but their very survival. As a start-up, you rarely get more than one chance to get the business model and the marketing strategy right – before you run out of runway. The stakes are high.

Even established companies can struggle with developing fresh marketing approaches, implementing a successful social media program or maintaining customer mindshare.

ShapeTechnology can provide the critical skills and experience you need to ensure that your marketing programs are designed to be as rewarding as possible.

Marketing List of Services

Business Strategy

Support the development of your overall business strategy, including business model formation, market segmentation and analysis, product roadmap, growth strategies, pricing models, partnering strategies and execution planning.

Product Marketing

Develop product strategies and establish product positioning in the marketplace, develop competitive product requirements, competitive product attributes and benefits analysis, marketing and launch strategies, and product family and roadmap scenarios.

Competitive Analysis

Perform a detailed analysis of established competitors – as well as emerging players – evaluating relative strengths and weaknesses, positioning channel and sales tactics.

Market Research

Provide in-depth research into market segments, trends, economic factors, emerging threats, new business opportunities, and competitive perceptions. Arrange market research focus groups and customer interviews.

Interim Management Support

Provide short-term marketing, sales, and product management support for both established companies that are transitioning the management team and for start-ups that need to exploit opportunities while building a long-term management team.

Business and Marketing Plans

Develop formal business plans, including research and analysis, financial strategies and modeling. Provide support in developing marketing plans for new products and new business opportunities.

Channel Strategy & Marketing Programs

Create and launch channel marketing programs for dealers, distributors, resellers, system integrators and VARs. Strategic programs include sales strategies, spiffs, rebates, co-op advertising and promotions.

Special Projects

Evaluate a new business space, develop a company’s social media strategy, re-examine existing business models, investigate business acquisition or partnering candidates, prepare for a funding round or IPO.