Public Relations

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Public Relations

ShapeTechnology works with clients to identify corporate and product positioning strategies and define key messages for specific market segments. With the strategy in place, we will drive all news events, cultivate media relationships, arrange press tours, conduct media training, identify speaking opportunities, develop a comprehensive social media plan and manage overall public relations plans for building and sustaining ongoing market awareness.

Public Relations List of Services

Strategic Counsel

Provide ongoing high-level strategic advice to the senior management team on corporate strategies and activities including crisis management.

Corporate Positioning

Work with your management team to determine precisely how to position the company in a way that addresses your business goals and objectives. Ultimately, corporate positioning will manifest itself in all aspects of public relations, corporate marketing, and marketing communications.

Analyst Relations

We identify key analysts and make proper introductions in the early stages of corporate positioning and product launches. We ensure that analysts understand and appreciate your market positioning and that you are a valued resource to analysts during significant market and technology changes.

Social Media Plans

Develop comprehensive social media programs, including social media components, targeted topics, activity calendars, with the objective of developing social media communities that can boost the company’s reputation and support sales efforts. Your ‘share of voice’ matters!

Influencer Marketing

Create your story in a compelling way that will catch the interest of key influencers. We will continue to up-level your outreach to target not only reporters but key bloggers and communities within your market sector. We keep tabs on the market, so you don’t have to.

Product Positioning

Work with you to determine precisely how to position products and services. Product positioning is communicated via key messages in news articles, sales collateral, email campaigns, social media and any other external communication.

Press Events & Media Training

Arrange and conduct press tours and media events in a timely manner to promote significant new products, technologies or services. Media training exercises with executive staff often provide dramatic results in effective delivery of the message to the news media and analysts.

Corporate/Product Launches

As a member of your launch team, we work with product marketing, engineering and other key executive personnel to develop and execute all public relations strategies, as well as tactics before and after the corporate/product rollout.

Speaker Placement

Identify speaking opportunities for high-profile company personnel at trade shows, industry seminars, trade association meetings, customer sites and other special events throughout the world. These engagements are essential to promoting your products and services, while positioning your company as a market leader and technology expert.

Perception Audits

In contrast to corporate positioning, these audits determine how key analysts, media representatives, customers, suppliers and competitors perceive your company. The results of these audits are indispensable in our helping you position or reposition your company, products and services accurately.